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Why employers need CareMoat (3 minutes)



10 X ROI

CareMoat gives you an ROI of over 1000% meaning that CareMoat is paying you to do business. By changing the way health benefit plans are designed and managed, CareMoat can achieve a saving of more than $2000 annually per employee in health benefits cost and can improve the health benefits for employees making them a recruiting and retention magnet.

The CareMoat solution is the future of health benefits. The Caremoat solution saves big money, stops future increases and improves benefits for employees.


Employers are blocked by common myths about health benefit plans when they can choose to spend less and get more in 9 steps with the CareMoat Solution.  Our eBook shows you how dramatic savings and benefit improvements are possible with case studies of employers who have actually achieved these results.


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The CareMoat Solution

Nashville based CareMoat® is a service for self-insured employers and their employees giving them an easy and fast way to save significant money and improve their health care/benefit experience.


CareMoat® charges a very reasonable per employee per month fee [PEPM]. We work closely with the Benefit Consultant, Third Party Adminstrator (TPA), Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM), company leadership and employees to achieve results.

We use data-analytics driven predictive modeling giving the employer actionable insights

CareMoat® Nurse Champions are assigned to each individual employee.  A CareMoat user friendly app provides employees information and allows them to access and manage all the tools and services we offer. We focus on chronic care which accounts for 70 to 90% of healthcare spending and brings huge savings for the employer.

We develop local relationships for primary care, personalized pharmacy, and imaging and labs. CareMoat® brings a team of experienced, best in class services which can be activated based on employer need.


We are part of a growing Free Market Medical movement targeting big savings and continual improvement.

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A movement consisting of providers, patients, and self-funded employers, who believe that changing the way we purchase healthcare services is necessary and will result in substantial reductions in cost and substantial increases in quality and value.

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