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Save up to 40% on your benefits!

CareMoat saves employers money in 2 ways.  We compare your current benefits offerings to best industry practices and suggest direct savings opportunities. We also provide a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce.   

Our Services

  • Reduce the cost of healthcare benefits by implementing the best practices of the best performing employers.  These best performing employers have saved from 10 to over 40% of total health benefit cost.


  • Build a culture of health and wellness among the employees This will reduce medical expenses and improve productivity and attendance. CareMoat support includes options for behavioral therapies, for disease management like diabetes, for nutrition and weight management, and physical activity.

  • Monitor and manage high-cost claimants including regular pharmacy reviews and support, and monitoring of claims activities with recommendations.


  • Empower employees through advocacy, navigation, and decision support. We give the employees a feeling of financial wellbeing by helping them with planning benefit options and other financial considerations

The CareMoat Difference

CareMoat is personal.  We are about human relationships and building trust. Trust is not about machines but the people who use the machines. While we have great technology, we believe people and relationships are the key to achieving exceptional results.


CareMoat is local.  We are establishing offices in every city and region in which we operate, building relationships with the people and institutions that our customers rely on.


CareMoat is about wellness and a better life.  CareMoat helps our members when they are ill. More important, we help our member with their wellness goals.

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