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Are you tired of juggling different vendors to provide your clients with a comprehensive service experience?

Do you wish you had more time to work on building your business?

Do you wish you had

an administrative team

without the headcount.

Our Services

We personalize wellness plans.

We locate providers and schedule appointments. We handle the hassle of coordinating employees medical appointments around their schedule.

We help employees with insurance claims and billing issues.  No longer are the days of having to sit on hold and be transferred to multiple departments to resolve your billing and claims questions.

We secure storage of employees complete health history so they receive appropriate care no matter which provider they see.

We save money with reduced benefit costs.  We are there to help you navigate networks, deductibles, co-pays, and more.

The Care Moat Difference

CareMoat provides administrative support, fielding employee questions, helping them understand their plan, bills, and treatment options.

Increased participation for employees is our mission.  We reach out proactively to ensure members are achieving their health and wellness goals.

CareMoat will deliver valuable user analytics allowing you to show your clients real time utilization and proven savings.

For more information

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