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43% of Working-age Adults Were Inadequately Insured

Many people who have insurance do not understand their coverage and they do not realize the financial risk they have with their present coverage.

o About 43% of working-age adults were inadequately insured in 2022, meaning they were either uninsured, had a coverage gap in the past year or had unaffordable coverage, according to a Commonwealth Fund survey out Wednesday.

o For those on employer coverage, 29% were underinsured, while 44% of those with individual market and marketplace coverage were underinsured, the survey found.

o High healthcare costs prevented or delayed care for 46% of respondents, and 42% said they had difficulties paying their medical bills or debt.

“Having health insurance is not enough to protect millions of Americans from high medical costs that are burdening them with bills they cannot pay or debt they are working to pay off,” Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal said on a Wednesday call with reporters.

About a quarter of those with chronic health problems like diabetes said out-of-pocket costs for prescription drugs caused them to skip doses or not fill a prescription.


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