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The secret on how health benefits can significantly improve your bottom line!

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Every year, company leadership faces a health benefit plan renewal. Almost every year, the cost of the health plan rises significantly, the coverage for employees decreases and employees out of pocket costs need to increase to soften the amount of increase.

Companies can choose to make this costly annual ritual one that delivers a decrease in the overall cost of the health plan and an annual improvement in benefits for employees. Below is a chart that shows the typical savings some companies have achieved based on the number of employees in the company.

The secret is finding a company like CareMoat Inc. that:

  1. performs detailed analytics on your employee’s historical utilization of healthcare benefits

  2. creates a plan to reduce spending on a going forward basis while benefits are improved for employees

  3. has an organization that can work with leadership at the company and each employee individually and to be able to execute the plan without additional burden on the company

  4. has a high-tech platform that provides a simple app and a phone number to call providing a single place to get information and support on health benefits, healthcare treatments and activities for individual employees/family members

  5. has proprietary storage for healthcare information and transactions which is highly secure using CareMoat’s proprietary blockchain technology. This allows CareMoat to share information with the member's healthcare team quickly and digitally, ensuring the team has all the information needed to make good decisions

It is difficult to break out of a well-worn annual process and deal with the complexity of the healthcare industry. The secret is that it is easier and less risky to start your journey to annual savings and improvement when you find a competent and trustworthy company that is dedicated to those goals. Business has always been about finding the right resource. Finally, CareMoat is here to be your trustworthy partner.

CareMoat is unique in the way we focus on each individual employee member’s needs and the needs of the sponsoring employer. By understanding each individual and earning their trust we can get progressive improvement year after year.


Better prices

One-way CareMoat reduces health benefit spending is by identifying a competitive price for health care procedures, services, and drugs.

As an example. surgeries are high-cost items where charges for the same procedure can be 3 to 4 times the lowest price without a quality difference. A rapidly growing share of health care claims is for services costing more than $50,000.

Let's look at a common surgery, total knee arthoplasty. Based on our data, the target fair price, including the cost of the implant, is $24,680, whether or not you have health insurance.

· National Average: $32,570

· National Range: $14,188 – $49,016+ !!!

Cost can be reduced further in many cases as studies have shown the same or better results can be achieved through physical therapy without the risks of knee surgery with far lower costs.

One high-cost drug can consume a significant portion of the company’s healthcare budget.

CareMoat has comprehensive data on pricing and quality for procedures, services and drugs and will ensure you pay a fair price.

Value-based care

Value-based care is a health care delivery model where providers are paid based on successful outcomes rather than for individual services. The difference in how providers are paid, paired with the way patient care is managed provides the opportunity for health improvements and significant savings.

As an example, direct primary care [DPC] patients usually have access to same-day and next-day visits, 30- to 60-minute appointments, and the option to call, email, text, or video chat with a provider 24/7 for a fixed monthly fee. Savings of 20 to 40 percent of healthcare costs for the patient are achieved because of the better relationship that DPC allows with a physician and the services the physicians can provide in their office. CareMoat knows where DPC physician practices are available, and we are working with industry groups to encourage the startup of these practices in our coverage area.

Focus on chronic and high utilization conditions

According to Mercer's database of about 1.6 million plan members, the sickest 6 percent of an employer's population represents 47 percent of the total allowed medical and pharmacy spending, on average. Monitoring and managing the super-users with high-intensity care management programs like CareMoat’s high touch Care Champion program results in significant savings.

Prevention and Wellness

In many cases when health conditions that can be diagnosed and treated early high-cost procedures can be avoided. These major conditions are diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues, obesity, and arthritis. Treating employees with these common conditions saves significant costs compared to the consequences of ignoring these problems and allowing them to later explode.

  • More than 34 million people in the United States have diabetes, and 1 in 4 of them don’t know they have it. More than 88 million US adults—1 in 3—have prediabetes, and 90% of them don’t know they have it.

  • More than 34% of first-time prescriptions for diabetics is never filled. Studies show that approximately half of diabetics who are being treated do not take the prescribed drugs.

  • Only 1 in 4 people with high blood pressure have it treated, although there are inexpensive drugs that can control the condition. One in three people do not know they have high blood pressure.

CareMoat works one on one with employees to make sure these conditions are diagnosed. We work with employees to make sure they follow through on their medical treatment. We also work with our members to make it easy to make modest lifestyle changes. We can help with them with nutrition, physical activity plans, moderating alcohol and stopping smoking using proven solutions with high success rates.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Employees experiencing mental distress use, on average, nearly $3,000 more in healthcare services per year than their peers. The indirect cost of absenteeism and turnover adds 5 times the increase in healthcare services. Analysis by NSC and NORC at the University of Chicago reveals that employers who support mental healthcare see a return of $4 for every dollar invested.

CareMoat addresses mental and behavioral problems with proven partners and technology and brings the critical element of a personal touch with our Care Champions. We deliver high quality results while achieving significant savings.


CareMoat reduces health benefits spending as discussed above. CareMoat achieves added savings that contribute to your bottom line by creating a culture of health with healthy, loyal, engaged, and higher performing employees. CareMoat also works with company leadership and trusted health benefit advisors suggesting improvements to benefits that provide support to an employee’s family, health, and financial future.

Improved Recruiting, Retention, Engagement, Performance and Attendance

A good benefits package can make employees feel rewarded and appreciated for their work.

  • 49% of your employees will start looking for a new job within 12 months if they’re dissatisfied with the benefits offered.

  • 78% of employees reported being more likely to stay in their current roles if the benefits are attractive.

The cost of replacing an employee is from 50% to 200% of their annual salary. CareMoat will work closely with your leadership team and your health benefits advisors to construct a benefits package that can attract top talent, increase retention rates, boost morale, and employ a healthier workforce.

Healthcare Benefits Cause Confusion, Anxiety and a Dark Feeling of Financial Risk

Benefits also provide support to an employee’s family, health, and financial future which can help attract and retain top talent. Yet nearly half (46%) of insured adults report difficulty affording their out-of-pocket costs, and one in four (27%) report difficulty affording their deductible.

The issue of healthcare benefits is frightening employees to such an extent that it is the second biggest concern people want the President and Congress to address after strengthening the economy.

Survey: U.S. adults January 10-17, 2022 -Pew Research Center

The below chart shows costs for the average employee with employer healthcare plan.

CareMoat will work closely with your leadership team and your health benefits advisors to simplify your health benefits offerings and reduce financial risks for both the employee and the company. We will work one-on-one with each employee ensuring they understand the health plan and that CareMoat is there to support them thus giving them the comfort of a trustworthy resource they can count on.


A trustworthy and reliable long-term relationship that improves the company in a significant way is hard to find. CareMoat stands ready to be that trustworthy and reliable relationship concentrating on improving your bottom line by working with your employees and your leadership team to improve your health benefits.

In this challenging environment of the “great resignation”, having a superior health benefit offering while improving your bottom line is a great opportunity. At CareMoat we make improving health benefit cost and quality easier than your current process.

CareMoat will produce a comprehensive healthcare utilization study for your company with analytics including each employee and family member who have used made use of healthcare. We will give you a report with initial recommendations on cost reductions and benefit improvement targets we can commit to.

We do this before you sign with us because we are confident of the great value we deliver.

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