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U.S. Ranks Last in Health Care Access and Quality

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

The gap has widened between the US health system and those of its peers.

A review of the available data prior to the onset of the pandemic suggests that in most of these measures, the U.S. continued to lag behind comparably wealthy and sizable countries. As rates of all-cause mortality, maternal mortality, and years of life lost have stagnated or increased over time, the gap has widened between the US health system and those of its peers.

That is especially sobering if you see that U.S. Healh Care costs are substantially greater than those countries that have better health care than we do.

HealthCare is approaching 1 out of 5 dollars in the US economy. The difference between what we spend as a country and the comparative country average is about 8% of our GDP!!! To put that in perspective, if we were to spend at the same percentage as our developed country peers, we would save almost 8% of GDP. The US could eliminate income taxes, which are about 8% of GDP. [Income tax revenues amounted to 1.72 trillion U.S. dollars in 2019, which was about 8.1 percent of the U.S. GDP.]

CareMoat is working to reverse a trend that has been building for decades by giving information and help to the consumers the health care system serves, and allowing consumers to make smart choices. CareMoat is also working with health care providers and payers to simplify an antiquated way of doing things and help them improve their profitablity and effectiveness.

There are many people in the health care industry that have been fighting to improve our industry. There are heroic doctors, nurses and health care workers that are putting their lives on the line. It is time to rise above the politics and vested interests in health care and make our system number 1 in the world. CareMoat will not only serve our consumers but it will help the industry to be more profitable and more stable. CareMoat is committed leading rapid and constructive improvement.

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